Golden visa program in Greece through property investment

Greece offers golden visa (residency) to third country nationals who are not EU citizens through investment in real estate or making strategic investment under the Law 4146/2013.

The qualifying investments are €250,000 in buying a real estate property in Greece or Strategic investment approved by “Invest in Greece”

All investors are eligible for 5 year or 10 year residence permit in Greece and can freely move around in Schengen zone. Investors can buy multiple properties as long as the total value exceeds 250,000 euros. Family and member can too get visas under family unification category.

Citizens of countries, which are not European Union members can apply for golden visa scheme in Greece.

Under the scheme, Greece issues National “D” visa for real estate owners or prospective buyers. Greek Golden visa scheme is cheapest in Europe compared to Spain and Portugal which costs 500,000 euros.




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