Where will chinese go if EB5 closes or becomes expensive?

Apr 28 deadline for EB5 investment program is fast approaching and still it is not clear whether the EB5 program will be closed or extended or  investment limit will shoot up to $1.3 million.

Despite all the frauds and scams involving EB5, many see it is about time to close EB-5, as it is running since 1990’s.

The key question, where will chinese go if the EB5 program closes or investment limited raised becoming too expensive for chinese?

Canada Quebec is one place to look at as the quebec investor program is reopening in May 29, but the maximum quota for chinese is 1330. One other option is to look at Europe (especially Portugal) where already chinese dominate 80% investing €500,000 euros in golden visa scheme. Belgium requires about 300,000 euros business investment.

Chinese can also buy fast track EU citizenship in Malta and Cyprus for € 1,1 million and € 2 million respectively

Australia and New Zealand also offer investor visas for chinese which require atleast $1 million or more. United Kingdom requires investment £200,000 (entrepreneur visa) or £2,000,000 tier1 investor visa.

Caribbean nations also offer citizenship by investment schemes for chinese, starting from $100,000. One such country is Grenada which requires $1500,000 one time donation to the country against a passport. Grenada passport offers backdoor entrance to United States under E2 non-immigrant treaty visa which is a cheaper and alternative to EB-5 immigrant visa. There are no investment limits set for E2 visas.

Chinese families can apply for St Lucia or Dominica passports for $100,000 or buy a luxury real estate by paying $200,000 or more. Antigua and St Kitts passports are not cheap but they are quite valuable starting from $200,000.




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