Caribbean passports ranking for visa free travel

Barbados tops as best caribbean passport 25th in world passport rankings for maximum number of countries for visa free travel and Belize securing the last place, with 56th in world passport rankings. The passport rankings was published in Henley & Partners Visa restrictions index 2017.

Rank Visa free countries
Barbados 25 143
Bahamas 27 141
Antigua & Barbuda 30 136
St Kitts and Nevis 30 136
Trinidad & Tobago 32 132
St Lucia 36 127
St Vincent & Grenadines 36 127
Grenada 37 124
Dominica 40 119
Belize 56 95


  • Caribbean passport rankings

Belize, Trinidad, St Vincent, Barbados, Bahamas do not run CIP programs and their passports are hard to obtain without living in the country.

St Lucia and Dominica have cheapest CIP in the Caribbean starting from $100,000 compared to $200,000 in Grenada, Antigua and St Kitts. Property investment citizenship possible under the CIP schemes in these countries but quite expensive..


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