Wealthy Russians interested in Maltese Citizenship

Russian interest in Malta citizenship program is soaring as 54% of people who applied for Malta IIP in 2015 are Russians seeking EU citizenship.  Russians lead the way beating chinese in Malta.  Chinese dominate 80%  applying for Golden visa scheme in Portugal.

Malta CIP requires €1 million one time contribution payment inclusive all fees to the Government and the whole process until passport stage takes about 12-15 months. Maltese citizenship is offered to family and children under the Malta IIP. All applicants must undergo very strict due diligence and background check process by the authorities. EU / EEA / Swiss Nationals can apply for Malta IIP. All applicants must rent or own a residence in Malta to qualify for CIP.

Russian passport has limited travel freedom compared to EU passports. A second passport from Europe will give enough travel freedom for wealthy russians to travel for business in schengen, education for children in Europe and most importantly citizenship is passed on to future family generations.

Malta Independent reported UK applications for Maltese citizenship have doubled since Brexit. A large number Russian population living inthe United Kingdom.

Malta also has residency visa program (MRVP) where Russians can get permanent residency by buying a property for € 275,000 but this program will not lead to Maltese citizenship. Only non-EU persons can apply for MRVP.

Maltese passport is ranked 10th most powerful passport in the world with visa free travel to 167 countries including visa free travel to United States, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Canada etc.



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