New Sports Complex funded by CBI in Dominica

New sports complex will be constructed fully funded by Dominica’s CBI program.

The Prime Minister, Dr the Honourable Roosevelt Skerrit, announced that Dominica’s new multi-sport complex, a project estimated to cost $40 million, will be fully financed by the Citizenship by Investment Programme.

The sports complex will include outdoor and indoor courts to play basketball, netball, volleyball, and tennis, as well as swimming facilities.

“This is going to be a significant investment in our young people and in sports development,” noted Dr Skerrit, whose vision for the sport complex is one of a development that will inspire Dominica’s youth to develop their sporting skills, and even choose professional sport careers.

Marques and Marques Architectos, a Puerto Rican firm, has been tasked with the construction of the complex.

Cricket is a popular sport on the island, and Dominica competes in test cricket as part of the West Indies cricket team. Rugby, netball, basketball, tennis and football or soccer are gaining popularity as well.


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