CBI Approved Port Louis Grenada

Port Louis occupies a prime position in the heart of the capital city of St Georges, Grenada. Port Louis occupies a protected lagoon surrounded by the Castellated Forts with panoramic views of Grand Anse beach, the Caribbean Sea and also up towards the lush verdant mountains of the National Parks.

Port Louis is evolving as a maritime village haven with a mixture of luxurious hotels, a yacht club, a spa, tax-free retail shops, expansive villas and penthouses as well as bijou studios and spacious apartments at the heart of the vibrant village together with a world-class Camper & Nicholsons Marina – A lifestyle environment for everyone to enjoy.

Successful applicants applying for Citizenship of Grenada via the Port Louis approved project will purchase Condominium Title to a specific unit within the S.Y.L.C development at Port Louis.  The total investment requires minimum of  USD $450,000.00– inclusive of all processing, due diligence, application and legal fees for the main applicant and one dependant.

Applicants will be required to hold the investment for a minimum of five years during which time they will not be liable for any operating costs or capital calls, and conversely will not receive any revenue. The Developers have undertaken to take on this risk for the entire five year mandatory holding period. Port Louis also has available retail and commercial units under the same program.

At the expiration of the 5 year holding period the investor may divest of the property or choose to keep the property and enter it into the mandatory rental program.

  • An existing established maritime development with full resort services
  • Highly experienced developer with first class reputation and over 30 years experience and reputation in the Caribbean (www.desavary.com)
  • Ownership in a highly regarded and globally recognised maritime development marketed and managed by an internationally experienced hotel operating company.
  • Excellent capital growth potential as Grenada has not yet had the explosion in tourism of other Caribbean islands and therefore prices are currently still very good value when compared to Barbados, St. Kitts, Antigua and other well-known destinations.
  • No annual cost of ownership.
  • An asset that you can enjoy and send friends and family to enjoy.

Grenadian citizens can travel without visa restrictions to many international and Commonwealth countries, including the U.K and China. Grenada is a member of the Schengen Treaty through the European Union, which enables Grenadian’s visa free travel throughout the E.U. In total there are approximately 120 countries and dependancies that Grenadian’s can visit without a visa.

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