Saint Lucia CIP Due Diligence Firms

The Citizenship by Investment Unit of Saint Lucia has signed contracts with the following due diligence firms for vetting of applicants which involves strict background and due diligence checks.

All applicants who apply for citizenship-by-investment in Saint Lucia must pass a diligence background checks including any qualifying dependents over the age of 16 before being approved for citizenship.

All candidates applying under donation route, real estate or Government bonds must pay $7500 due diligence fee per person to the Government. Dependents over 16 pay $5000 fee.

The Citizenship by Investment Regulations mandate that a due diligence background check is done on every applicant over the age of sixteen. Three of the biggest firms which specialize in conducting due diligence background checks have been contracted by the Citizenship Unit for the Saint Lucia program. 

  • Thomson Reuters   has an extensive network of research analysts who are strategically located around the world and speak over 60 local languages.   Their Enhance Due Diligence Reports provide a detailed background check on any entity or individual, no matter where they are located in the world.
  • BDO Consulting uses multidisciplinary project teams to leverage BDO’s global network and technological resources to provide reports uniquely tailored to each client’s individual risk profile and preferences.
  • IPSA International has subject matter experts, investigators and researchers  from a wide range of backgrounds and experience such as law enforcement, risk audits, journalists, detectives, fraud examiners and regulators.
  • Wealth X for for enhanced due diligence cases.



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