Invest in Bois Cotlette Estate for Dominica Passport

Bois Cotlette is one of the oldest surviving estates on Dominica is the best preserved example of plantation architecture on the island, combining buildings for the processing of coffee, sugar, and cocoa with historic ruins. The Bois Cotlette Estate is 53 acres of self sufficiency with own food, own water,  own green energy.

Bois Cotlette Estate is located in the outskirts of a small fishing village named Soufriere, 7 miles south of the capital city Roseau.  The village was named by French settlers in the 1700’s because of the therapeutic sulfur waters that are still present today. The Estate is nestled in a valley 1000 feet above sea level in the spectacular Morne Plat Pays volcanic complex.

The Bois Cotlette estate is an approved real estate investment under the Dominica citizenship by investment programme which requires a minimum of USD 200,000 to qualify for the Passport of Dominica.

There are two types of villas available for investment and prices start from USD 200,000 onwards for a share.

Harbour Home

  • Living Area –  2,160 Sq. Ft.
  • Garage – 290 Sq. Ft.
  • Screened Terrace –  309 Sq. Ft.
  • Covered Entry – 96 Sq. Ft.
  • Total 2,855 Sq.Ft.

Courtyard Villa

  • Living Area –  2,940 Sq. Ft.
  • Garage – 487 Sq. Ft.
  • Screened Patio – 219 Sq. Ft.
  • Covered Patio – 474 Sq. Ft.
  • Total – 4120 Sq.Ft.

Bois Cotlette Investment Process

  1. Reserve on of the Property Preferred Share – The client signs a reserve on agreement for Preferred share and pays a non-refundable reserve on deposit of $11,000 (deductible from the Purchase Price) to the company, Bois Cotlette, Inc.
  2. Purchase Documents- Upon receipt of the signed reserve on agreement and deposit, the developer returns the executed reserva- on agreement to the client along with duplicate originals of the purchase documents.
  3. Contract and Deposit – The client completes the purchase documents and makes a non refundable deposit of 20% the Purchase Price (less the reserve on deposit) to the company, Bois Cotlette, Inc. Arrangements are made for signing and ex- change of contracts.
  4. Closing, Payment and Delivery – The Closing Date of the purchase and sale agreement shall be a mutually agreeable day. The purchase price less the deposit is to be made contemporaneous with the Closing Date. The Company will deliver to each purchaser a certificate of his share purchase.

Assurance Options

1. Liquidity Option

Make sure you can sell your investment when you need to on defined terms. This option assures that for unforeseen life events you can have a full return of your investment.

a. In the event of death of named preferred share owner(s)
b. If you have owned the property for more than 5 years

2. Preppers Option

Emergency Survival Preparedness: Reality based emergency preparedness for a society infrastructure that is alive and well, this stop gap coverage helps you to wait out short to medium duration life disturbances while you plan and wait for a return to normal society not abandon it.

a. Natural disaster coverage (earthquake, flood, tsunami, tornado, etc 1-3 month
b. Economic/Political collapse – 3-6 months

3. Safe Haven Option

Enjoy 3, 6 or 9 months of safe haven living at Bois Cotlette if a defined event occurs in your region of the world.

Whether society is disrupted as a result of economic, or political turmoil, a prolonged natural disaster, or another possible scenario, Bois Cotlette defines preparedness and is the best hedge against crisis in our complex world.

Bois Cotlette is also your home and sanctuary for everyday living.



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