Dominica citizenship just got cheaper under real estate

Dominica CIU has recently reduced Government fees for the Citizenship by investment programme under the real estate option, making it more cheaper to apply through buying real estate. The cutting of fees will boost real estate market in Dominica and will encourage more investors to buy property in Dominica and will compete with other Caribbean countries such St Lucia and Antigua in the CIP market.

  • Main applicant – USD 25,000 (formerly USD 50,000)
  • Main Applicant + Spouse – USD 35,000 (formerly USD 75,000)
  • Family of Four: Main Applicant + Spouse + 2 Children under 18   – USD 45,000 ( formerly USD 115,000)
  • Family of Six: Main Applicant + 5 dependents – USD 50,000 (formerly USD 155,000 for a family with 4 children under 18)

There is no change of fees under the Government fund option.

New Price Revision Earlier Pricing.
  • USD 25,000 for the Main Applicant;
  • USD 35,000 for the Main Applicant applying with his or her spouse;
  • USD 35,000 for a family of up to four persons, including the Main Applicant and up to three dependants
  • USD 50,000 for a family of up to six persons, including the Main Applicant and up to five dependants; or
  • USD 70,000 for a family of seven persons or more, including the Main Applicant and six or more dependants
  • USD 50,000 for the Main Applicant
  • USD 25,000 for the Spouse
  • USD 20,000 for a dependent under the age of 18
  • USD 50,000 for a dependent aged 18-25 years

Dominica currently has the cheapest real estate investment citizenship programme in the Caribbean starting from USD 200,000. St Lucia and other caribbean nations require USD 300,000 or more.

Kempinski hotel, Jungle bay villas and Silver beach caribbean are some of the CBI approved real estate developments Dominica  where investors can buy a limited share or freehold title starting from USD 200,000 and qualify for Citizenship.

Antigua and Barbuda recently announced slashing of CIP fees under NDF and Real estate option to make Citizenship-by-investment program more competitive in the Caribbean.




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