Naturalization time in EU countries for Citizenship in Europe

Naturalization is the most common way for becoming a ‘EU citizen’ for foreigners. Each country have different requirement and you are expected to live and have continuous residence for certain number of years (permanent residency requirement) eg. studying, business, family ties etc..

You must also have good knowledge of local language and fully integrate to culture in order to apply for Citizenship through naturalization.

Please see below the number of years of naturalizing time required to acquire citizenship in these european countries..

EU country Naturalisation Time
 Albania  5 years
Austria  10 years
Andorra  20 years
Belgium 5 years
Bulgaria 5 years
Czech Republic 10 years
Croatia 10 years
Cyprus 8 years
Denmark 9 years
Estonia 8 years
France 10 years
Finland 5 years
Germany 8 years
Georgia  5 years
Greece 7 years
Hungary 8 years
Iceland 7 years
Ireland 5 years
Italy 10 years
Malta  6 years
Moldova  10 years
Macedonia 8 years
Montenegro  10 years
Monaco (Monte Carlo) 10 years
Netherlands 5 years
Poland 8 years
Portugal 6 years
Romania 8 years
Russia 3-5 years
Spain 10 years
Switzerland 12 years
Slovenia 10 years
Slovakia 13 years
United Kingdom 6 years
Liechtenstein 30 years
Latvia 10 years
Lithuania 10 years
Luxembourg 7 years
New Zealand 5 years
Norway 7 years
Poland 10 years
Serbia  3 years
Sweden 5 years



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