Germany offers Residency and Citizenship by Investment

Germany offers residency and later citizenship to high net investors and investors investing in Germany with a minimum investment of EUR 200,000 in a new German business venture or company. This program is alternatively referred to German Golden Visa program.

  • Biggest economy in Europe
  • German passport rated as No. 1 powerful  in the world
  • No minimum residency requirements
  • Visa Free movement in Europe.
  • Business Trade Hub of Europe.
  • Immigrate to Europe with family

Germany Residence Program

Foreign investors after making the business investment qualify for long term ‘D’ visa and residence permit (temporary residence) in Germany.  The duration of residence permit is usually two or three years which can can be prolonged.  It is possible to apply for permanent settlement permit in Germany after three years of living. There are no requirements to live permanently in Germany but required to visit atleast once a year.

Business investors and self-employed persons can obtain a residence permit through § 21 AufenthG by acquiring or founding a German company.

§ 21 AufenthG (German residence act) allows entrepreneurs and self-employed personnel from third-countries can acquire a German residence permit. The following applicants are entitled to apply:

  • Foreign entrepreneurs, who aim to start-up a business in Germany
  • Foreign entrepreneurs who aim to set up an overseas branch
  • Freelancers

Directors, managers, legal representatives of business-partnerships as well as stock corporations are entitled as long as they are not working under an employee-status.

The key to obtaining a German residence permit as an self employed person is showing that the business will have positive effects on the German economy, i.e. that there is an economic interest in and/or a regional need for the business and that financing has been secured.

Entrepreneurs must address that their business will increase the market potential as well as sales opportunities of other German enterprises and that it will create a positive impact on economy.

There are several legal forms of company in Germany such as..

1. Small Businesses
2. Registered Commercial Businesses
3. Sole Proprietors
4. General Partnership (Offene Handelsgesellschaft, OHG)
5. Limited Partnership (Kommanditgesellschaft, KG) –
6. Limited Liability Company (Gesellschaft mit beschränkter Haftung, GmbH) – €25,000 euro capital required
7. Entrepreneurial company at limited liability (Unternehmergesellschaft (UG) haftungsbeschränkt)
8. Joint-Stock Company (Aktiengesellschaft, AG) – €50,000 euro capital required
9. Branch Offices
10. Dependent Branch Offices – Permanent Establishments – Representive Offices
11. Information Offices

A good business plan is also one of the most important requirements for German residency along with the designated investment.

German Citizenship

It is possible to naturalize for German citizenship after living eight years in Germany.  Knowledge of German is required for Citizenship.

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