Irish Passport applications from Great Britain up by 40%

In the post Brexit era, Irish passport is set to become more valuable than the British passport. Irish passport holders will have ‘more rights’ than British people due to Brexit, expert claims according to Irish Post and Irish passport. Ireland is already home to major technology, pharma and financial services companies and is rated as one of the best investment destinations.

According to Ireland Passport Statistics

  • Ireland has received 692,792 passport registrations in 2017 (as of Sep)
  • Passport applications from Great Britain soared by 40% in 2016 (64,996 applications) compared to 2015
  • Ireland issued 733,060 passports in 2016
  • 26.3% increase in applications from Northern Ireland

Ireland Passport

Great Britain Applications

Ireland passports issued

According to 2016 INIS Citizenship report, 10,044 citizenship certificates were issued in 2016. The top 5 nationalities awarded citizenship were

  • Poland (1,328),
  • India (1,028),
  • Nigeria (777),
  • Romania (756) and
  • Philippines (730).

The number of citizens from non-EU countries legally living in Ireland at the end of 2016 rose to
approximately 115,000 , compared to 114,000 at the end of 2015. Visa applications rose by 7% compared to 2015, to more than 124,000.


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