Dominica to build New Hospital in Marigot

The Government of Dominica has announced that it has finalized plans to construct a new climate resilient, smart hospital in the community of Marigot.

“We have finalised on our end all of the documents… to submit to the Government of Mexico and we are very grateful to them for their continued commitment, and so we look forward to advancing the construction of this hospital that is needed even more now than prior to Hurricane Maria,” Hon Skerrit said.

The intention is for the hospital to have its independent water and power systems if Dominica is faced with another natural disaster. The Mexican Government made a commitment of $27 million at the recently held donors’ conference.

Dominica, a population of 72,000 hit by Hurricane Maria, causing a devastating damage, costing billions of dollars in damage. The country is also a running a citizenship-by-investment programme. There are several real estate development projects such as Range Cabritts Kempinski hotel, Jungle bay villas and Anichi resort, funded by the CBI programme.


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