Grenada’s rejection rate of CBI applications is 11.8%

Grenada citizenship by investment program is one of the best CBI schemes in the Caribbean. The CBI program requires $200,000 one time contribution to a fund or $350,000 purchase of a property. The CBI program of Grenada is quite unique because

  • Grenada passport has visa free access to China, also recently signed visa waiver with Russia  increasing the value of passport.
  • Grenada has E-2 treaty with United States offers backdoor entry to US.

Grenada refused about 11.8% of  Citizenship by investment applications received in 2017, according to CBI report 2017.

  • In 2017, Grenada received a 296 CBI applications in 2017 report and rejected a total of 25 applications (13 under NTF and 12 under Real estate), bringing the overall CBI application rejection to 11.8%
  • In 2016, Grenada received 175 CBI applications and refused 19 applications (NTF 13, Real estate 6) with the rejection rate of 10.8%

Malta, known for applying world’s best due diligence standards for its citizenship by investment program, has refusal rate of 18% for 2017



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