Mexico Golden Visa and Passport program

Mexico offers golden visa program through investment routes in Business or real estate with the possibility of obtaining Mexican citizenship. The Mexican investment programme is open to limited investors investing in the country.


  • Become a  Mexican citizen with all the benefits , as Mexico is one of the most active countries in international relations.
  • Mexican passport allows you to invest, bank, travel, reside, and do business in places that you could not before.
  • Tax benefits.
  • Receive permanent residency or become a permanent resident.
  • The right to live, work, claim state benefits, pay taxes and vote or be elected in all elections.
  • Receive permanent residency with Panama Friendly Nations visa.
  • Mexico has the fifteenth largest nominal GDP and the eleventh largest by purchasing power parity.
  • Due to its rich culture and history, Mexico ranks first in the Americas and seventh in the world by number of UNESCO World Heritage Sites.
  • In 2016 it was the eighth most visited country in the world, with 35 million international arrivals.
  • Visa free or visa on arrival travel to 142 countries including Canada, UK, New Zealand, Schengen and other EU countries.
  • Real Estate Investment options.
  • Dual citizenship
  • Low cost but high standard of living
  • Inexpensive yet one of the most valuable passports
  • No requirement to live in Mexico
  • Ease of doing business around the world
  • Processing time is 2 months.
  • Invest in business and create jobs

Investment options

  • One time Investment € 185.000 inclusive associated expenses. Investors qualify for Mexico passport and Mexican citizenship

Our lawyers will handle your case confidentially and with great professionalism as exercised over years. All applicants will be pre checked to confirm if the application can be accepted by the Mexican authorities.


Mexico Passport


As of 1 January 2017, Mexican citizens had visa-free or visa on arrival access to 142 countries and territories, ranking the Mexican passport 26th in terms of travel freedom


From the beginning of 2018, we offer limited number of investors a powerful passport from Mexico and benefit as a Mexican citizen visa-free or visa on arrival access to 142 countries and territories including Canada, UK, New Zealand, Schengen and other EU countries, ranking the Mexican passport 26th in terms of travel freedom.

Recently, Henley Passport Index 2018  rated Mexican passport is rated 25th best passport in the World with visa free access to 144 world countries.

Other Economic Citizenships

St. Kitts and Nevis This is the longest running second citizenship program in the world, in operation since 1984. To get a St. Kitts passport, you have two options. The first – and suggested – option is to make a donation of $150,000 (HRF) or $250,000 (SIDF), depending on your family size. The Government’s Sugar Industry Diversification Fund  fund was established to help the workers who lost their jobs when the sugar industry became unviable. The second option is to purchase at least $400,000 in “government approved” (read: overpriced) real estate. Both options require various fees.

Dominica This Caribbean country’s passport program is cheaper, but only offers a donation or real estate option. That means your entire “investment” will not be recovered. The total cost will still be in the six figures, although Dominica offers the most affordable passport program at around $130,000 for an unmarried applicant.

Antigua and Barbuda Antigua used to offer an economic citizenship program, and recently reinstated it with much lower costs based on the St. Kitts model. There are three options under Antigua’s passport program. The first is to pay $100,000 as donation – and toward government fees – to the National Development Fund, as well as around $50,000 in legal and other fees. The second option is to purchase government-approved real estate valued at $400,000 or more, and to hold that real estate for at least five years. You must also pay nearly $100,000 in legal and government fees per adult, and about $50,000 per child. The third option for Antiguan citizenship is to invest in a local business or businesses with a minimum investment of $1.5 million. The first Antiguan economic citizen invested millions in tourism projects.

Grenada Grenada also resurrected its former economic citizenship policies in 2013, offering a real estate investment option that requires $200,000 investment through donation or a $350,000 investment. However, that investment must be made in only one government-approved development, and obtaining a second passport in Grenada comes with no residency requirement s– you dont have to actually live or visit Grenada.

Cyprus After confiscating money from Cypriot bank accounts in the “bail-in” of 2013, Cyprus offered those who lost millions in their banks a second passport. Now, anyone can get a Cyprus passport – which come with the added bonus of European Union status – if you’re willing to invest. The first option is to invest 2,000,000 euros into Cyprus businesses or real estate. Applicants may also deposit 5,000,000 euros in a Cyprus bank for three years.

Malta Malta started a citizenship program which cost nearly $1 million with fees, making it the cheapest legitimate economic citizenship in the European Union.


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