Vanuatu DSP program continues to gain popularity

Vanuatu’s Development Support Program (DS) in 2018 keeps operating without any serious changes in terms or pricing policy, and continues to gain popularity and recognisability among private clients and agencies around the world.

“After 2017-2018 Holiday season we observe an increasing number of requests to apply for Vanuatu citizenship by investments through DSP program.” said one agent promoting the DSP program.

China remains the primary market with the highest number of requests and actual applications, followed by Middle East, South East Asia and Eastern Europe. In particular we have noticed the increased number of applications from clients in Russia (and Russian-speaking region, including Kazakhstan, Belarus, Azerbaijan and number of other countries) mainly due to our marketing efforts last year.

At our end, we continue to work with the Government of Vanuatu and governmental bodies, responsible for the regulation of DSP, to do what we can to improve the international reputation of this citizenship program and Vanuatu in general.

One of the recent changes – Vanuatu ready to join Interpol, which is a change directly connected with our work to improve the DSP program reputability.

“Vanuatu has applied to join the international policing organisation Interpol, according to RNZ

Foreign affairs minister Ralph Regenvanu said joining Interpol would allow the Financial Intelligence Unit to carry out better checks, particularly when people are seeking to buy citizenship.

Mr Regenvanu said currently, the unit was able to pick up financial irregularities, but criminal convictions remained unknown.

He also said joining Interpol would strengthen Vanuatu’s ability to cooperate with international law enforcement agencies in order to tackle transnational crime syndicates.”

Vanuatu DSP program investment minimum stands at $220,000 which is way higher than the Caribbean programs which only cost $100,000 for Antigua, St lucia, Dominica passports. The costs for Vanuatu passport obtained through DSP program are as follows:

  • Single Applicant USD 220,000.
  • Family Applicant (up to 4 direct family members*) USD 280,000. Family members means spouse, children below age 18, dependent children to age 25, and dependent parents
  • Initial payment of a non-refundable fee of USD 6,500 for the probity checks by the Government FIU Division.

After Pre-Approval is given by the authorities and upon receiving the Clearance Letter from the Vanuatu FIU, the full payment USD 220,000 is required.  ).

Vanuatu passport has Visa-free access to 125 countries – UK & whole of Europe, Russia, Hong Kong, Singapore.

Last year, the Government of Vanuatu made it clear, that they will not accept bitcoins for the DSP citizenship program.



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