Grenada received 37% of CBI applications under real estate

New CBI statistics data reveal, 140 CBI applications received under real estate, currently about 72 investment applications were approved during the financial year 2017. Out of the total applications received 37% of CBI applications are for real estate, rest 63% under NTF.

277 persons received Grenadian citizenship by investing in real estate during the year 2017

The total investment received under CBI approved real estate projects is $48.6 million 

Grenada requires $350,000 investment in real estate to qualify for citizenship. The investment requirement is slightly  cheaper than Antigua or St Kitts as these countries require a $400,000 to qualify for citizenship under real estate.

Property buyers also get permanent residence card, with the new property registered as home address in Grenada, making it as a second home.

Grenada has a unique CBI program with benefits such as visa free travel to China, Russia, Europe and over 100 countries. Grenadian citizens who are also permanent residents can apply for US E-2 visas under E-2 treaty.

Real estate Investment Applications received Applications Approved Applications Refused
Q1 2017 26 10 6
Q2 2017 41 26 2
Q3 2017 41 24 4
Q4 2017 32 12 0

CBI Approved Real Estate Developments

The following are CBI approved real estate developments that qualify for Grenada citizenship starting from $350,000 on a limited share and $400,000 or above for full title.




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