Malta, Cyprus and Grenada passports take top three spots in Travel Convenience Index

Malta, Cyprus and Grenada passports take top three rankings in a recently published Travel Convenience Index, published by Dr. Hussain Farooq of HF corporation.

The Travel Convenience Index©  compares and analyses eight passports, in the world, that could be acquired on the basis of investment – without the need for actually relocating to these countries.

The TCI index is a useful tool for anyone wishing to explore the possibility of a second citizenship – whether it’s for enjoying travel convenience or ease of doing business; diversification of assets or for getting access to better educational and health facilities for one’s family.

TCI Index

Passport Rank in TCI

  • #1 Malta
  • #2 Cyprus
  • #3 Grenada
  • #4 Antigua and Barbuda
  • #5 St Kitts and Nevis
  • #6 Dominica
  • #7 St Lucia
  • #8 Vanuatu

Travel Convenience Index©, evaluates the convenience of visa-free travel offered by the passports of these eight (8) countries – the countries that offer citizenship to qualifying individuals on the basis of investment.  TCI does not simply ranks the countries based on the number of destinations the citizens of these countries can travel to, visa free, or can get a visa-on-arrival at, rather it provides a multi-dimensional evaluation of the travel convenience, offered by each of these eight (8) passports.

The value and quality of the destinations is evaluated using the Human Development Index by United Nations and the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) report by World Bank.

HF Corporation is a research-driven advisory firm that is specialised in providing services for residence and citizenship by investment programs, around the world, to high net worth individuals and families. The firm also runs a government advisory practice to liaise with the different governments to build up strategies that could help in increasing foreign direct

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