Demand for Auckland new homes is at 13 year high

In Auckland, 10,867 new homes were consented in 2017, the highest level since 2004, Stats NZ said today.

The number of new homes consented in Auckland in 2017 was up 8.4 percent from 2016, averaging more than 900 new homes a month. Record numbers of retirement village units, and townhouses, flats, and other units were consented in Auckland in 2017.

“Over a third of all new homes in New Zealand were consented in the Auckland region last year, which is in line with Auckland’s share of the New Zealand population,” construction statistics manager Melissa McKenzie said. “This is the first time since 2004 that the proportion of new homes consented in Auckland exceeded their share of the population.”

There were 5,549 multi-unit dwellings consented in Auckland in 2017, comprising:

2,442 apartment units – 75 percent of all apartments consented nationwide

868 retirement village units – a record high and accounting for 44 percent of all retirement village units consented in New Zealand

2,239 townhouses, flats, and units – a record high and accounting for 46 percent of all townhouses, flats, and units consented nationwide.

New Zealand homes

In December 2017, building consents were issued for 2,169 new dwellings:

  • 1,424 stand-alone houses
  • 330 townhouses, flats, and units
  • 240 apartment units
  • 175 retirement village units.

The regions consenting the most new dwellings were:

  • Auckland – 876
  • Canterbury – 298
  • Waikato – 205

According to New zealand Reserve bank, the housing prices have fallen in the country since 2016.

Housing prices NZ



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