Greece Golden VisaEuropean Residency Program


Real estate

EUR 250,000

Strategic investment

EUR 1,000,000


Passport rank


Visa free travel

171 countries

Processing time

6 months

EU Citizenship

7 years of living

Residency requirements


Dual citizenship


Greece golden visa

Greece offers residence permit (“D” long term or “C” short term schengen visa) to foreign investors in Greece by real estate acquisition or strategic investment under the Law 4146/2013. Investors will get 5 year residence permit  by real estate investment and 10 year residence permit through strategic investment through “Invest in Greece” agency.

  • Long term permanent residency in Greece
  • Live, study and travel in Europe.
  • Cheapest european property investment scheme
  • Very minimal residency requirements.
  • Naturalize for Greek citizenship after living 7 years.
  • No interviews, No language tests
  • Immigrate to Europe with family and children.
  • Travel freely in Schengen including Switzerland, Germany etc.

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