St Lucia vs Vanuatu Citizenship by Investment

Vanuatu and St Lucia currently have legal official citizenship by investment programs. Vanuatu CIP ($200,000) is expensive compared to CBI programmes in St Lucia, Dominica ($100,000). In reality, the cost of Vanuatu passport is at par with Grenada($200,00) and Antigua ($200,000). Grenada  one of the best passports in the Caribbean.

While many see, Vanuatu passport is one of the best valued passport, one big advantage the Vanuatu passport has is visa free travel to Russia. Caribbean passports have no visa free to Russia. One exception is Grenada is the only CBI passport having visa free travel to China.

St Lucia is currently the most popular CBI program in the world because it is cheap and best.

Here are the comparison between the two CBI programs of Vanuatu and Saint Lucia

St Lucia Vanuatu
Investment $100,000 (donation) $200,000 (donation)
Citizenship Act
  • Honorary Citizenship Program
  • Development Support program
Geographic location Caribbean South Pacific
Real estate investment $300,000 Citizenship not possible without residence
Government bonds $500,000 not available
Business enterprise investment $1 million in a joint venture  not available.
Passport rank* 36 45
Personal visit not required required to take oath
Residence requirements none none
Passport validity 5 years 5 years
Visa free travel* 137 countries (UK, Schengen area etc) 113 countries (UK, Schengen Area, Russia etc)
Processing time 2-3 months 2-3 months
Additional fees
  • Due diligence $7500 per person
  • Application fee: $2000 per person
Taxes No income tax, capital gains tax, death tax or estate tax No income, wealth or inheritance taxes

*Henley visa restrictions index 2017





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