Commonwealth of Dominica is the No.1 Citizenship by investment program in the World

Commonwealth of Dominica ranked as the No.1 Citizenship by investment program in the World among 12 countries in a latest citizenship by investment study.

In a study launched recently by Financial Times’ Professional Wealth Management, the Dominica Citizenship by Investment Programme ranked highest 90% against the 12 other countries  for Due diligence, Ease of Processing in CBI Index.

“Dominica has worked tirelessly over decades to become the leader in providing citizenship by investment opportunities for high net worth individuals and their families.

Private investment has a major role to play in mobilising and realising Dominica’s potential, so our programme has to be of the highest quality. The CBI Index results confirm that it is.”

”  said Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit.

Commonwealth of Dominica

  • The Number 1 Citizenship by investment programme in the world.
  • The Best Citizenship by investment program
  • Dominica received highest score 90% in the Citizenship by investment index (CBI index) due to its strong results in all the factors influencing a CBI applicant’s decision making process.
  • 60 days fast processing time.
  • Visa free travel to countries in the European Union and the UK


Dominica Citizenship by investment

Dominica CBI Ranked #1

Dominica ranked No.1 for these factors

  • Minimum investment outlay Ranked the most affordable programme starting at USD 100,000 for single applicant.
  • No mandatory travel or residence requirements.
  • Ease of processing thanks to streamlined procedures.
  • Due diligence with strict vetting parameters.

Dominica also has the cheapest real estate investment requirement USD 200,000 for citizenship compared to other countries.


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