Latvia issued 489 Golden visas for real estate investment in 2016

According to latest figures from Latvia migration office, about 7% of residence permits issued by Latvia is for real estate investment.

Latvia has a golden visa program which requires 250,000 euros property purchase or 280,000 euros deposit in a credit institution or bank or a minimum corporate investment starting from 100,000 euros. There is a 5% state fee for property investment.

The figures from 2016 Golden visa statistics for Latvia reveal

  • 489 residence permits (7%) issued for real estate investment
  • 40  residence permits (1%) issued for investor in credit institution/bank.
  • 80 residence permits (1%) issued for Investment in corporate capital


Latvia residence permits

Total number of foreigners living in Latvia with temporary residence permit TUVA based on investment activity in real estate (top countries) as on Jun 2017.

Real estate
Russia 7445
China 952
Ukraine 715
Uzbekistan 366
Kazakhstan 334
Azerbaijan 80
Belarus 77
Egypt 9
Georgia 35
India 22
Iraq 21
Iran 19




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